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The Imaginarium Puppet Company was created in 2016 by longtime friends Trevor Duffy and Danny Jaycock. Trevor and Danny take an idea/story from conception and transform it into a live production. Everything from the storyline, to the puppets, to the sets, to the musical numbers are all original. With the addition of their 3rd puppeteer, Simon Gushulak, their character’s come alive on stage. The Imaginarium Puppet Company is forever expanding their portfolio for entertainment value.

This season, The Imaginarium Puppet Company presents “The Durflings and the Book of Poops”. It is a comedic story about two siblings, Lena and Loopy Durfling, and the magical Book of Poops. A weird and wacky goose named Poops emerges from the book and sings songs and poops treasure, but unfortunately Poops runs away. Lena and Loopy find themselves on a quest to get the goose back into the Book of Poops. Will Loopy and Lena succeed in getting Poops back.....or is he having too much fun on the outside to go back into the book??


  • The Imaginarium is recommended for audiences of all ages
  • The show run time is approximately 30 minutes
  • The Imaginarium wagon’s preferred home is outdoors but can accommodate indoor venues with a loading door 9’ high by 8’ wide
  • A scaled down set for venues that will not accommodate the wagon is available as well.
  • Minimum playing space required is 17' wide by 10' deep
  • The power requirements are a 120v plug drawing no more that 5amps

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