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Under its previous name of EDM FX, Duffy’s Puppets began in 2002 with the creation of a puppet for the black light number of a local community variety show called “The Castle Downs Variety Show”. It was during this trial and error process that the love for creature design and creation was discovered....

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Once Upon A Time

The Imaginarium Puppet Company presents: “The Durflings and the Book of Poops”. Loopy Durfling borrows the Book of Poops (a special book in which Poops the Goose emerges; sings; and ‘poops’ out treasure) from his Uncle Klaatu’s library under the condition that he take care of it. The book gets stolen by the pesky Maskinis and he embarks on a journey to recover it under the close watch of his sister Lena Durfling.

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